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Insurance Restoration

Restore Your Home

Offering Water Damage Restoration Service and Insurance Claim Assistance Near Houston, TX

The cleanup process after a major event—such as a flood, fire, or hurricane—can be overwhelming. The experts at K3 Renovations are here to take care of all the details and get your home back to normal again. We can provide water damage restoration services to clients throughout Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas; by partnering with a restoration contractor from our team, you can get help with the insurance claims process and then have your home restored in no time.

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Don’t Struggle Alone with Your Insurance Claim

At K3 Renovations, we can make sure that your claim is filed correctly; work with us and get the money you need to restore your property.

Get Help with Your Claim

Guiding You Through the Claim Filing Process

As a restoration contractor, we work with you through the insurance process to provide estimates, documentation, and other information you will need to file a claim. We are experienced in working with insurance companies and can help the process run smoothly. Once the claim is filed, we will complete the work necessary to restore your property!

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Trust Us to Assist You

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Our water damage restoration service can help you fix your home after a disaster. If you’re looking for construction restoration from a professional near Houston, TX, then consider giving us a call. Allow us to help with your insurance claim and get your home back into excellent condition.

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K3 Renovations is not a Public Insurance Adjuster and is not providing or offering to provide public adjusting services to its customers. As such, nothing you may read on this website or in any of our other materials should be construed as a promise to negotiate your claim. The information and services provided by K3 Renovations are limited to evaluating and discussing damage, repair scope, and pricing, and then, once approved, making those repairs to the property.